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Heather Williams is a Connecticut based Travel photographer whose photographic inspiration springs from various sources. While her primary passion is enjoying and capturing the elegance of nature, landscapes, and unique architecture, she has a deep respect for the way nature, over time can reclaim man-made structures, which inspires her art with enchanting scenes of forgotten times.

From 2014-2018, Heather studied as an Apprentice in "The Arcanum - Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery". 

During her years in The Arcanum, Heather's prior Masters/Mentors have been Robin Griggs Wood, A.D. Wheeler, Ron Clifford, and Scott Wyden Kivowitz.  From these wise Masters and Mentors, and with the help of her perceptive fellow Apprentices, she has expanded her range of techniques while taking in valuable knowledge from each and every one of them, and gaining treasured friendships.

Heather lives in Eastern Connecticut/Mystic Country and enjoys traveling and photographing unique locations throughout New England.